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Not Happy With Your Cabinets?

Do you think a kitchen or bathroom renovation is out of the budget? You may be surprised! You don’t have to replace all your cabinets… you can have them refinished and save about 75% when you hire Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, CABINET REFINISHING CALGARY is an incredible way to make your kitchen or bathroom brand new without the hefty cost!

Perhaps it is time to transform your outdated, hard-to-clean kitchen into the beautiful kitchen of your dreams! Our expert kitchen refinishing consultants will help you select the perfect colors and styles that complement your home. Sometimes people have great cabinets or great bones but all they need is a coating or re-dooring to bring them up to date. We provide kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinet refacing, cabinet doors, and so much more!

We are your dedicated CABINET REFINISHING CALGARY company. We are not typical painters that just focus on walls. We specialize in cabinetry repainting. We understand the importance of surface prep and utilizing the right materials to get the job done properly. For an attractive painted cabinet finish that holds up to use without chipping or peeling, there is only one partner you can trust.

Why Choose Us

There are many companies that claim to work with cabinets but not all are created equal. We are true CABINET REFINISHING CALGARY experts and we know you will be blown away by the transformation once we are complete. We have a state-of-the-art cabinet refinishing shop with a custom-enclosed spray booth. We will use our off-site facility in conjunction with the work on-site to ensure the best results. You will truly be happy during your experience with us at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary.

Our detailed proposal will include premium quality products and materials, an experienced, top-notch team, and a detailed process that will provide awesome results. Rest assured though that we have all the equipment and experience to complete the project and exceed your expectations in the end.

In addition, you can feel protected knowing that we are licensed in Calgary and through the Alberta Government plus carry $5 million in liability insurance. We are also bonded and carry WCB insurance.

Finally, as our name states, we can also provide other finishing services, such as installing new counters, a backsplash, or updating the kitchen island in addition to updating your cabinets. Our project managers and designers can show you exactly what you can expect from your upgrades, and you can pick how much customization you desire, to meet your needs and budget.


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Cabinet Replacement, Cabinet Door Refacing, or Cabinet Coating

There are cabinets all over the home so refinishing your cabinets is a great way to update and transform the look of your home, Cabinet Refinishing Calgary should be your number one choice.

There are so many refinishing options for homeowners who want to update the cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, and all the built-in shelving units throughout the home.

Many home improvement companies that specialize in kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations push new replacement cabinetry and complete redesign. These can be the right solution for those who are working with a space that requires complete cabinet renovation due to major renovations or excessive damage and exposure.

However, most homeowners are generally happy with the functionality of their existing space; they are just looking for an updated or modified style or slight redesign to better suit their needs and style.

Knowing all of the possibilities offered will help you make the best decisions for your home or office.

Exciting news…we have a multitude of options for every budget!


Cabinet replacement with incredible options! You dream it, we build it!


Cabinet Replacement

Complete cabinet replacement can be a substantial expense, especially if you are looking for high-quality materials and a custom high-end finish.

This would be an ideal option for those who are looking to completely rework their space or for those who have damaged or low-end cabinetry. 

We can rework the layout of your existing cabinets if they are in decent condition, and can add additional elements to further improve the functionality of the space.


If you like the current layout of the cabinets in the space and the cabinet boxes are structurally sound, there are many refacing options to transform your space. 

A preference of many clients is cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing can be explained as replacing the doors but keeping the existing bones of the cabinetry. Many clients also decide to replace the hardware when refacing the cabinets. Most projects can be completed quickly with very little interruption to the use of your kitchen when compared to replacing kitchen cabinets with new cabinets


Redooring your cabinets is a great way to update your space without the disruption and expense of tearing it all out. Redooring is another term for refacing. Some clients re not happy with the structure of the doors and choose to replace them with a modern style.

There are many different styles, finishes, and materials available for your new cabinet doors, falling in a wide range of price points. Cabinet redooring is a common choice for those who have dents, chips, and other physical damage to their cabinet faces that paint simply won’t hide. We will help you choose the right cabinet doors to suit your needs and budget.

The best value when updating your kitchen & bath is… Cabinet Painting!



The most common and least expensive option for refinishing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is cabinet painting.

There have been so many improvements in paint technology over the years. We have tested so many products and have chosen top products. Our top products will totally enhance and transform your cabinets while adding a protective finish. Often, the finish looks like you had new custom kitchen cabinets installed.

We offer a cabinet painting service which includes disassembling the doors and drawers, preparing the surfaces (cleaning and sanding), masking, priming and top-coating with a fine-finish lacquer for a beautiful, durable surface that will stand up to use in kitchens, bathrooms, and all the other areas in the home.

Want help deciding the best choice for your cabinets? The refinishing specialists at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary will provide the highest-level service and help you establish the best choice that will exceed your expectations.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, can paint laminate, hardwood or metal cabinets. No matter what room of your home needs a cabinet overhaul, we can help you get results that exceed your expectations. Experience has taught us many things. Among those lessons, use the best quality products available. A smooth surface is an ultimate goal in cabinet painting, you won’t find a more thorough team than ours! Often the final result is one that rivals a factory finish.

Professional Kitchen Renovation

Homeowners do many types of renovations but the most common is the kitchen renovation. Mostly because the cabinets are outdated, faded, or just in need of a facelift. Our solutions range from an economical rental suite to a custom dream home with endless possibilities.

It is important to know that you can have a new beautiful kitchen without a large price tag! Redooring or refinishing your cabinets will improve the beauty of your cabinets. You can get a beautify transformed space for much less than the cost of new cabinetry – up to 75% less.

Painting kitchen cabinets should bring new life into kitchens experiencing outdated and faded finishes. The space will feel much larger and open when you choose bright colors such as white. This can be achieved with a new painted or lacquer finish. At the same time, many clients choose to update the handles and pulls on the cabinet doors and drawers.

Our refinishing services go well beyond cabinets. We are happy to help with new countertops. A new tile backsplash is another great way to update your kitchen and we have tile experts that can help you choose the perfect tile for your refinished cabinets. Get really creative and update the structure and functionality of your island… extend the eating surface and add seating or install a wine cooler. Perhaps a new light fixture over the island will be a great finishing touch.

No matter how big or small your dream is - we can help you from beginning to end. 

Professional Kitchen Renovations Your Ultimate Kitchen Awaits!


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Stained finishes are popular in Alberta due the warmth that it brings to homes and business. Stain colors and consistencies vary greatly depending on what wood it is being applied to along with the condition of the wood and if there were previous coatings. At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we put in a lot of effort to make sure that customers are comfortable with a certain finish before proceeding with any work.

There are so many questions when it comes to stain applications: Is wood conditioner or a lacquer coating required before stain application? Are we using gel stains or wiping stains? What type of clear coat or varnish is used over top? These are all questions that we answer during our consultation services.

Rest assured you are in good hands with all your cabinet staining needs. To best serve our customers here in Calgary and the surrounding area, we’ve taken the necessary time to perfect the art of staining over many years of projects in the cabinetry industry. We employ multiple staining experts. Regardless if your cabinets are in desperate need of an aesthetic renewal or if you’re working with raw, untreated material, you are in reliable hands with our cabinets specialists at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary.

When staining your cabinets you may consider staining other areas to match. Whether you are looking a adjacent doors, wood ceilings, exposed beams, or even furniture, a stained finish throughout the space will add continuity to your property.


A lacquer finish is similar in appearance to a spray-applied painted finish but varies in the durability, sheen longevity, and ability to clean. If a customer is wanting their cabinets refinished with a paint appearance, we sometimes recommend a lacquer finish.

Lacquer dries very hard and porous-free thus allowing it to hold up to grease, stains, and other naturally occurring markings. Lacquer is a reliable product to use on your cabinets, it will help to protect them from heat, wear and tear, and water. Lacquer can be tinted to any color and comes in either a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss sheen. The lacquer we use is certified by the kitchen cabinet association. Because lacquer is composed of a quick-dry formula it is best applied with spray equipment for a better-refinished result.

Lacquer can be used on any hard surface, such as cabinets, shelving, doors, railings, etc. Lacquer does not flex the same as paint so cracking is a potential issue with lacquer. Since lacquer is a harder finish than paint, it needs to be applied to surfaces that do not shift (such as MDF or walnut). Our consultants will help you determine if lacquer is right for you.


Cabinets are a vital part of the overall look of homes and businesses. Many homes have cabinetry in their bathrooms, basements, common areas, and office spaces too. They get a lot of wear and tear and that means repairs may be needed from time to time.

We are here for all your cabinet repair needs. Excellence in service delivery is one of the qualities that has made us the go-to contractor for all your cabinet needs. This is because we have skilled technicians on the team that have ample experience in cabinet repairs so we know you will be happy with our work. Our technicians work on all types of repairs and installations.

Some common areas of work include:

  • Broken Cabinet Repair
  • Cabinet Door Replacement
  • Cabinet Knob Installation
  • Cabinet Pull Installation
  • Damaged Kitchen Cabinets Repair
  • Split Cabinet Veneer Repair
  • Garage Cabinet repair
  • Bathroom cabinet repair
  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installation
  • Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Repair
  • Kitchen Door Hinge Repair
  • Cracked Cabinet Door Repair
  • Drawer Face Repair
  • Drawer Cabinet Track Repair
  • Drawer Handle Repair
  • Cabinet warping and heat damage

Professional Cabinet Repairs We can fix it!


An incredible way to update your kitchen Cabinet Restoration



The restoration of cabinets should always be left to professionals. In many cases, restoring cabinets properly is an art-form. We're sensitive to all of the issues, ensuring that each piece retains its luster after restoration. Plus, whether it is restoration or refinishing, there are a wide selection of chemicals that you will probably be happier letting us handle. Often times, the restoration process requires the use of our spray booth at the refinishing shop.

For restoration work, we will assess and consult with you about what you want done at the beginning. As we work together, we'll sort out what finishes you prefer and what repairs are needed. Once we agree about the plan, we will take away the piece and bring it to our shops if necessary.

For us, refinishing means we may rebuilt a section, repair the finish on an object, or we may reapply a new finish. This means we could apply paint or wood finish, lacquer or varnish. Generally, we are trying to either improve the condition, or completely restore and renew the finish. Our specialty is working in wood, but we do have experience working with other materials like glass, plastic, and metal.

We work with a wide variety of traditional and modern finishes. We even create faux finishes.

Another discipline that our specialists in restoration can do is distressing. This is where we take a modern finish and make it look like it is an antique or distressed. This is one area where the artist comes alive.

Restoration, in contrast, can be as simple as an appropriate cleaning to remove disfiguring dirt or grime. Regardless of the need, you are in good care with us.


The team at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary are your cabinet renovation professionals. Home renovation projects can be exhilarating but daunting. Creating an attractive space that better fits your lifestyle and needs has many benefits. Not only can a renovation improve the resale value of your home, but reconfiguring the layout and organization of your space will improve kitchen efficiency and reduce frustration, giving you more time for enjoyment.

Whether you desire to update your whole kitchen, shift a cabinet over, revamp the eating nook, add an island, reconfigure a space, or finally create the ensuite or bathroom of your dreams, we have solutions that work for you, no matter what the budget. If you are ready to finally update your home with high-end finishes without the high-end budget, call us today!



At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we provide a wide array of refacing and refinishing options for your cabinetry. Most often clients opt to change the existing hardware to a modern updated look at the same time. We can provide options during our FREE Consultation.

Clients can update the style of the cabinets and their functionality with cabinet organizers and accessories. Available for all types of cabinets, unique modifications help you create a more attractive, useful space for your family and needs.


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