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Cabinet lacquer is an amazing product offers strength and beauty


Cabinet Lacquer Calgary

Cabinets are a vital part of the overall look of kitchens. Many homes and offices have cabinetry throughout many of the rooms. Whether you want to increase the value of your property, or are just tired of living with outdated cabinets, changing the look of your cabinets will dramatically improve the style and beauty of your space.

Buying and installing new cabinets can be very expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. However, by simply refinishing your existing cabinets and replacing the old hardware with new, you can achieve a stunning makeover at an affordable price tag.

Finishing techniques can mimic all the styles found with new kitchen cabinets. Most projects can be completed with very little interruption to the use of your kitchen when compared to replacing kitchen cabinets with new cabinets. Repairs can be done to get the doors and structure ready for cabinet refinishing. You will be amazed at the difference a professionally sprayed lacquer finish can make on your cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and all the other spaces around the home.

Appliance front panels can also be refinished with lacquer to match the new look. Preparing the cabinet doors and boxes properly and spraying on quality lacquer will result in a finish virtually identical to the factory finish on brand new cabinets. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary will give your cabinets a second life with Cabinet Lacquer for a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen remodel. If you need assistance in selecting colors, we will be happy to provide a FREE color design consultation

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing with Lacquer

Kitchen cabinets that are well worn become very difficult to keep clean because the finish has worn off and allows dirt and grease to permanently stain the cabinet. The problem is easily rectified when you hire Can Do More Painting & Cabinet Refinishing to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Your new lacquer finish will stand up to most household cleaning chemicals and be highly resistant to staining and filthy build-up. We offer a cabinet lacquer refinishing service that is second to none. Our lacquer is a certified kitchen-grade and can be put back into service the day after we leave. We can transform your outdated, kitchen into the beautiful new kitchen of your dreams! Our expert kitchen consultants help you select the perfect colors and style that will complement your home.


Exciting news…we have a multitude of options for every budget!


Cabinet Staining and Clear Lacquer

Have your stained cabinets lost their luster? Perhaps you just need some stain touch-ups and a couple of fresh coats of clear lacquer!

Refreshing your kitchen cabinets with stain touch-ups and lacquer is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them, refacing them, or even a full refinish. Cabinet refinishing is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen. We can create a dramatic transformation while staying budget-friendly. The refinishing pros at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary are stain matching experts, so contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Cabinet Refinishing with Lacquer Saves Money

Refinishing existing high-quality cabinets is the best alternative to buying new custom cabinetry or cabinetry made with inferior materials. With refinishing, there is no need to hire carpenters, plumbers, electricians, or countertop companies. Can Do More Painting will provide a FREE consultation and a comprehensive proposal for your project.

Our Comprehensive Cabinet Lacquer Process

Unlike Any Other!

We will start by protecting the surrounding area. We use a combination of adhesive carpet film, hard floor paper, masking paper, and protective poly and plastic.  Typically, we will create a sealed spray both around the cabinets. All exposed areas will be completely sealed and protected from overspray. We utilize a specialty 3 stage air scrubber to create a negative air environment in the spray area. The air scrubber filtration system works like this: The 1st stage of filtration eliminates 99.7% of the overspray. The 2nd stage is a fine particulate filter and the 3rd stage is a large HEPA filter that captures the finest particles and helps to clean the air from odors. These filtration systems are very expensive but definitely worth it! We own a fleet of them so there is enough for even the largest projects. We consider the fleet of air scrubbers to be a major advantage to our clients.

After the area is secure, all the cabinet doors and drawers will be removed and taken to the shop for refinishing.

At the project site, we wash the surfaces of the boxes and frames (bones) with a chemical to degrease the substrate and remove other surface contaminants. Next is a thorough sanding process to ensure the bones smooth or uniform in texture. Major blemishes are rectified as discussed using fillers. The area is then vacuumed to capture as much dust and debris from the area as possible. A final wipe down with a lint-free cloth is done before any spraying occurs.

For solid color finishes, the first spray coats are a priming agent and sealer. This is applied 2-3 times. After primer, the cabinets are inspected for more blemishes and rectified as discussed. The surfaces will be sanded again using a fine finish sandpaper to remove any debris or raised grain caused by the primer. Of course, the area is vacuumed and wiped again prior to any topcoats. Finally, 2 topcoats of lacquer will be applied to ensure proper even coverage.

For stain finishes, the stain is applied section by section after the surface is thoroughly prepped in the stain booth. After more preparation, the clear coat lacquer is applied 2-3 coats depending on the project requirements. All spraying occurs in the sealed spray booth.


When the cabinet doors and drawers arrive at the shop they will go through a similar process.

First, all the rubber pads are removed. Next, we wash the surfaces of each door and drawer face with a chemical to degrease the substrate and remove other surface contaminants. Then comes a thorough sanding process to ensure the doors are smooth or uniform in texture. Major blemishes are rectified as discussed using fillers. The doors are vacuumed to capture as much dust and debris from the area as possible. A final wipe down with a lint-free cloth is done before any spraying occurs. All this is done In a dust extracting prep room to ensure no airborne contaminants flow through the shop. 

The doors and drawer fronts are then transferred to the sealed spray booth. The state-of-the-art spray booth is large enough for a vehicle and houses holding racks, spray racks and drying racks. The spray application is as follows:

After the refinishing is completed in the shop, the cabinet doors and drawer faces are moved to the wrapping station where they are wrapped in protective foam packaging. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary

will deliver the cabinets and installs the doors and drawers. All cabinet refinishing projects come with FREE pick up and delivery and new rubber pads on each cabinet door and drawer.

Lacquer is an amazing product call us to see how wawesome it is!


The Benefits of Refinishing with Lacquer

Refinishing your cabinets with lacquer is a cost-effective alternative to traditional remodeling

Benefits of our cabinet lacquer refinishing services include:

  • Approximately 75% less than the cost of replacement
  • Fresh new look in about 3 to 5 days instead of 3 to 5 weeks
  • You can change the hardware at the same time and really update the look without extending the timeline of the project
  • Avoiding the major disruption caused by the traditional replacement

Give your kitchen cabinets the total makeover they deserve by calling the experts at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary.

If you need assistance in selecting colors, we will be happy to provide a FREE professional color design consultation.


Beyond Lacquer - Other Finishing Options

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary has been staining cabinets and lacquering cabinets around Calgary and the Bow Valley area for many years using various colors, textures, and finishes. Over that time, we have perfected other finishes such as glazing, antiquing and distressing.

Our finish options can create a unique look or enhance the natural beauty of wood by adding color and depth to each project. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless if it's a big job or small job we have many options available


Trusted Cabinet Lacquer Refinishing in Calgary

How do you know who will do a good job with your cabinet lacquer project?

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary is one of the few cabinet refinishing contractors that specialize in lacquer refinishing. You can put your trust in us. We serve the Calgary area with our intricate refinishing shop and custom enclosed spray booth. Many paint companies avoid painting, lacquering, or staining cabinetry because it is not easy. It requires extreme skill and knowledge of the materials to be used on woodwork. Check out our credentials below. We hope that our credentials along with over 250 positive online reviews give you the confidence to choose us for your Painting & Cabinet Refinishing.

New Cabinet Hardware for Calgary and Area Customers

Take the next step in your lacquer refinishing and add new hardware or other organizational items to complement the transformation. Calgary and area homeowners can add options like new hardware, drawer and door pulls, hidden hinges, and custom lighting. Whatever you choose, we make sure you love the finished look.

Your ultimate dream kitchen is within reach

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