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Cabinet Renovations Calgary

The team at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary are your cabinet renovation professionals. Home renovation projects are both exciting and intimidating. Creating a more attractive kitchen or bathroom that better suits your lifestyle has many benefits. Not only can a renovation improve the resale value of your home, but reconfiguring the layout and organization of your space can improve kitchen efficiency and reduce frustration. Our goal is to create the space of your dreams at a price you can afford. 15 years ago, we started as a painting and design company and have since grown to your one-stop shop for all your interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, renovation, and design needs.

Whether you desire to update your kitchen or nook dining area, add an island in the kitchen, reconfigure your living room built-in cabinets, or finally create the bathroom of your dreams, we have creative, affordable solutions that will work for you. Cabinet Refinishing, renovations, and design are just a few of our specialties. You see, for over 15 years we have been working hand in hand with some of the cities' best and worst trades. We have built a close relationship with the great ones and now offer full renovations with our team of experts. Clients love our project management abilities, clear and detailed proposals, professional trades, and of course, our ability to maintain a clean worksite while exceeding clients’ expectations on quality!  So, if you are ready to finally update your home with that high-end look without the high-end budget, let’s talk.

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Calgary

A kitchen renovation is one of the most requested and most expensive renovations a homeowner can pursue. There are refinishing options available at all price points, so making sure you are selecting the right materials, products, and the right renovation company to support your project is vital. We handle all kitchen renovation aspects: cabinets, lighting, plumbing, millwork, countertops, tile, flooring, and of course painting and decorating.

With high-end finishes and all new installations, renovation costs can be quite prohibitive to the average homeowner. The most expensive part of a typical kitchen remodel is the cabinets and hardware, typically coming in at roughly 1/3 or more of the total renovation cost.

This is a great area to reduce the total cost of your project. In many homes, there is no need to purchase completely new cabinetry in order to give your space a new layout, finish, or style to complement the rest of your new kitchen design.

With cabinet repainting, cabinet staining, and cabinet refacing/cabinet re-dooring, we can use your existing cabinet boxes and add color or new doors to refinish and update the look. We can even adjust the layout of your current cabinetry, add an island or update the one you already have plus other minor updates to improve the kitchen making your space more user-friendly.

When considering a kitchen renovation, you will want qualified professionals to take on your project. Our renovation team at Can Do More Painting & Cabinet Refinishing has the tools and the experience to ensure your home improvement project is done to the quality you expect on time and within your budget!

We have incredible options available for every budget!


Your ultimate dream kitchen is within reach

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We love designing kitchen islands we can create something truly amazing for you!


Custom Kitchen Islands

At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we build custom islands to any size or finish to match your kitchen style and design. Does that sound expensive? You would be surprised!

Creating a custom kitchen with minimal disruption and cost is easier than you might think. Custom kitchen islands are a perfect solution for making big changes without having to spend exuberant amounts to create a custom workflow for your kitchen. Now, do you think a new island is the answer? Kitchen renovations and make-overs are easier to accomplish with a custom island designed as opposed to a "stock" type island. Here are some benefits of a custom kitchen island:

The design is specific to your needs and tastes. This enables dramatic changes to the kitchen without having to change the overall footprint of your kitchen.

Designs can match, contrast or transition from your kitchen to neighbouring rooms – feature color island in solid lacquer, or stained to match the entertainment center in the neighbouring living room.
You can get significantly more functional storage
It can create a central gathering space with expanded seating/eating area
Integration of additional or new appliances (wine fridge, additional oven or dishwasher, etc.)

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary Saves You Money

A good general contractor has the experience and knowledge to do the job the right way without missing a step. With Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, you will not have to spend extra money redoing things that went wrong. Subcontractors charge a higher rate per hour when doing construction projects for the owner of the building than when working under a general contractor. Because of this, we can get lower bids from different subcontractors. This creates a competitive environment that can save you money.

We have the option to buy materials in bulk, so you will have materials that are of the highest quality for your project at a lower cost.
As your general contractor, we can often get materials and labor at a lower price than a homeowner. Lower prices for labor and materials can typically off-set the management fee that is included in our general contracting price. In other words, for a similar price you would pay to do the project on your own you get it professionally managed, thus giving you a higher quality result in less time.

You'll get an absolutley amazing kitchen but will pay way less!


Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary we'll take care of you


Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary Manages Your Risk

A General Contractor needs to have appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to reduce exposure to risk should something unfortunate happen.  Homeowners’ insurance may not offer enough protection during a renovation project. Many clients don’t realize that if a contractor does not have the right insurance and risk protection the onus falls on the property owner to cover the risk. That means covering the cost of items broken and even medical coverage for the workers.

We send copies of our city business license, our provincial prepaid contractor’s license through the Alberta Government, and our business liability insurance that shows we carry $5 million in liability insurance. Finally, we show proof that we are bonded and our current WCB insurance coverage. This will give you the confidence you deserve when choosing us for your renovation project. Of course, we encourage high safety standards on-site in order to prevent accidents. If anything should happen, rest assured that we have all the risks mitigated. As your general contractor, we handle all the administrative duties. This includes making sure subcontractors have their documentation in order including liability insurance and WCB insurance, plus we handle all the payments to sub-trades and suppliers.

Your Trusted Renovation Team

Why choose us? Renovations are a time-consuming and complicated process. Even home builders who have years of experience and knowledge can still fail at the project. We as experienced and professional contractors can offer many benefits that make sure your project is successful. Here are the advantages of hiring Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary as your general contractor to handle your renovation project.

We Have the Capital for Your Project

Professional general contractors always have funds that are more than enough to keep running your project. At times, subcontractors may need to be paid immediately in order to pay suppliers or due to another cash flow situation. Many subcontractors and general contractors will put more effort into other projects that they can get paid on quicker if their funds are low. We will never do that! We have plenty of funds to manage our own cash flow. Plus we always have the ability to pay our subcontractors without the receiving client money so financial constraints are never an issue for our clients. As your general contractor, we are dedicated to keeping your project on time and we have the financial resources to keep even the largest projects on financial track.

Our Comprehensive Renovation Process

Unlike Any Other!

Home renovation projects can evoke a sense of excitement and stress. Our goal is to create the space of your dreams and have you enjoy the entire process. We believe in giving our customers absolute quality on the completed project, but also strive to be the friendliest and most professional contractor you can hire. At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we will not be content until you are satisfied.
In order to do that, we take certain steps during the pre-renovation and renovation process to ensure a smooth project. Our transparent approach allows our clients to feel at ease as your property undergoes development. Here is a summary:


Start-Up Process
We make the renovation comfortable and stress-free by laying out the process from the start.
At times there are more efficient ways to approach a project and we will offer our advice in order to help minimize cost and maximize time savings. It is important for us to ensure that our customers don't make common mistakes regarding the sequence of construction during the renovation. One of the biggest comments we receive is “I wouldn't have thought about that, wow!”. This is just an example of our focus on your project and customer satisfaction.

Finalize Estimate
After our initial meeting, we will formulate a plan and proposal based on your vision for the space and deliver it to you for review. When reviewing the proposal, keep in mind that there are 3 elements to a price: Product and fixture selections, labor, and process. Our price will provide-quality products, name brand fixtures, an experienced team, and a comprehensive process that will provide tremendous results. If you receive a price lower than ours it is probably because one or more of those elements are negatively affected. Rest assured though that we have all the labor, equipment, and experience to complete the project and exceed your expectations in the end.

During the proposal process, we will send you important information such as our company overview so clients can get more familiar with us. In addition, we send copies of our city business license, our provincial prepaid contractor’s license through the Alberta Government, and our business liability insurance that shows we carry $5 million in liability insurance. Finally, we show proof that we are bonded and our current WCB insurance coverage. This will give you the confidence you deserve when choosing Can Do More Painting & Cabinet Refinishing for your renovation project.

Final Review
Once the proposal has been accepted, we review the entire estimate, drawings and scheduling to make sure all parties agree on the scope of the project and to make any necessary changes before the renovation begins.

The Renovation Process
1 - Project Kick-off & Selections
Once the project begins, communication with the project owner will be ongoing with project updates.
We will establish the site rules, hoarding (if needed) and site preparations are completed to ensure no damage is done to the home. Permits are pulled if required. Framing and other materials are delivered as necessary.
Some selections will be confirmed at the beginning of the project before the build starts while other selections will happen as the renovation progresses. Of course, we will do our best to stay on schedule and budget. Sometimes there are unknowns that arise and sometimes clients change their minds about the design plan. Any changes in the price will be discussed ahead of the work taking place. Updates on the schedule will also be discussed.

2 - Construction
Here is the flow you can expect:
Electrical rough-in, plumbing rough-in
On-site City inspections.
Drywall is hung, walls and ceiling taped, mudded and sanded to a level 4 finish.
Primer applied and drywall deficiencies completed
Ceiling texture applied
Cabinetry may be installed during the construction phase or postponed until the finishing stage depending on the specific design elements.
Windows & doors are cased and hung.
Trim and casing is sprayed on-site - 1st (and sometimes 2nd) coat of paint is applied.
The construction phase walk-through is completed.

3 – Finishing Touches
Here is the flow you can expect:
Flooring, tile, lighting, switches, and plugs are all installed. Kitchen & Bathroom (plus other areas) fixtures and vanities are placed into position. Countertops are installed. Baseboards are installed and final coats of paint are applied. City inspections are concluded. Final touch-ups completed, cleaning of the entire space.
Once the project is complete, we will ask our customers to examine our work and determine if there is anything that does not meet their expectations. No matter how small, we will resolve any deficiencies. It is extremely crucial that we leave our customers completely satisfied with the services we have provided so they tell all their friends and family. That is the Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.

We Have Incedible Relationships with Trade Professionals

Subcontractors and suppliers are always responsive to us at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary because we have worked together on numerous previous projects. They want to do their best on each project because they hope to work with us again on future projects. Most of the best subcontractors are selective about the jobs to consider.

A subcontractor considers the chances of completing the work without any interruption, the level of professionalism and construction knowledge of the general contractor, and the payment history of past projects. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and strong communication with our subcontractors. With us, projects run better, and our subcontractors appreciate that. Of course, we pay our subcontractors quickly, often well before our client has even been invoiced. Happy subcontractors perform better!

We are well known & respected in the construction industry


Professional Cabinet Specialists you dream it, we can build it!


Cabinet Reconfiguration Specialists Calgary

What is better than cabinets that look great? Cabinets that look great and help keep you organized and your kitchen running smoothly! Perhaps your cabinets need to be reconfigured. We design and build efficient cabinetry systems that help keep you organized and that look amazing!

We can design custom cabinets to your exact needs. Our professional cabinet builders have years of experience, so this allows us to bring superior craftsmanship and quality to your project. 

The great thing about reconfiguring your kitchen layout with a professional kitchen renovation is that you are often already familiar with the space. This means you know where things are supposed to be. We use that insight to create functional systems and solutions that support your needs within your space. We understand the most common kitchen problems and have smart solutions. Contact us for your smart solution!

Bathroom Cabinet Renovation

Bathroom remodels are very popular home improvement projects. After all, everyone enjoys a clean, updated, beautiful bathroom. Especially in their own home.

Creating a desirable atmosphere for your bathroom can cost less than you may expect. If you have received renovation quotes for your bathroom before it may have included full cabinet replacement and you probably experienced a bigger price tag than you expected. Many past clients discovered us because they knew there had to be a better solution.

Often, it is not the quality of the cabinetry that is the problem, but rather the style or finish that doesn’t work for our client’s needs. We offer bathroom cabinet renovation and refinishing options that provide a gorgeous finish at an affordable price. You can choose from durable cabinet painting and lacquering or even cabinet re-dooring, both us the cabinet boxes and either update or replace the doors.

We also take care of adjusting the layout or placement of your existing cabinetry, adding new countertops, and updating all the hardware so your space is exactly as you envisioned.

Wood Selections for Cabinet Renovations

At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we have experience working with many wood species. When doing repairs and reconfigurations, we typically look to match the wood species as close as possible. With larger cabinet renovations there are more options. Many clients are curious to know what species of wood we use most often.

For solid color projects such as white or off-white finishes, we mainly use paint grade Maple or MDF. For stained finishes, we mostly work with maple, but we can work in any hardwood species that are commercially available in the cabinet and furniture industry. Most of our projects are done in maple because it is beautiful, durable, and can be stained to match any desired look. Walnut is a favourite of ours because walnut is so hard that it does not expand and contract. That is important with some coatings.

Of the stained woods which are not Maple, Cherry is the next most popular choice. Cherry takes stain very evenly and has a beautiful and attractive grain that provides gorgeous looking cabinets. But of course, there are a plethora of wood choices available and we are delighted to work with them all!

Cabinet Restoration

The restoration of cabinets should always be left to professionals. In many cases, restoring cabinets properly is an art-form. We're sensitive to all of the issues, ensuring that each piece retains its luster after restoration. Plus, whether it is restoration or refinishing, there are a wide selection of chemicals that you will probably be happier letting us handle. Often times, the restoration process requires the use of our spray booth at the refinishing shop.

For restoration work, we will assess and consult with you about what you want done at the beginning. As we work together, we'll sort out what finishes you prefer and what repairs are needed. Once we agree about the plan, we will take away the piece and bring it to our shops if necessary.

For us, refinishing means we may rebuilt a section, repair the finish on an object, or we may reapply a new finish. This means we could apply paint or wood finish, lacquer or varnish. Generally, we are trying to either improve the condition, or completely restore and renew the finish. Our specialty is working in wood, but we do have experience working with other materials like glass, plastic, and metal.

We work with a wide variety of traditional and modern finishes. We even create faux finishes.

Another discipline that our specialists in restoration can do is distressing. This is where we take a modern finish and make it look like it is an antique or distressed. This is one area where the artist comes alive.

Restoration, in contrast, can be as simple as an appropriate cleaning to remove disfiguring dirt or grime. Regardless of the need, you are in good care with us.

An incredible way to update your kitchen Cabinet Restoration


Are you thinking of new backsplash or tile? We have thousands of options & styles


Backsplash and Tile Calgary

With so many years of experience in the tile business, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, and quality workmanship. We recognize the importance of our clients' needs and expectations. We are always in communication when working on a project with tile to ensure the tile design complements the cabinets and overall renovation.

We work with many different types of tile textures and products such as Ceramic Tile, Marble, Natural Stone, Porcelain, Granite, Mosaics and Glass Tile.

A strength of Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary is our partnership with one of the leading tile & stone contractors in the industry, specializing in residential projects of all sizes in the Calgary area.
Perhaps you will be the next happy client that decides to add some tile or stonework to your cabinet refinishing project.

Granite and Quartz Counter Tops

Many clients love the option of updating their countertops at the same time as their cabinet refinishing project. What they love even more is that we can take care of that at the same time as the cabinet refinishing.

We have a top-notch Granite and Quartz partner company that we bring in during the project. They have a tremendous track record of doing quality installations, and there is only one point of contact for you to work with which keeps us accountable and you stress-free!

We can discuss all your countertop options and come up with a great solution for your kitchen or bath.

Home Renovations Calgary

While you are updating that kitchen or bathroom, you may want to consider freshening up the ceiling paint, changing your flooring, adding some wall coverings, or a dramatic feature wall. Perhaps it is the right time to throw in a new appliance or two. If you really want something closer to that new kitchen without ripping everything out and starting over, we can update your countertops too. New countertops are great for homeowners that are quite with the cabinet layout and the way their kitchen functions. Contact us today and we will work with you to find a solution that works for your lifestyle.

Your ultimate dream kitchen is within reach

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