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Looking for answers? We have many listed below.

Pricing is unpredictable (all over the map) in the cabinet refinishing industry and there are many reasons for this. Often, contractors quote on slightly different scopes of work. This means that they have interpreted the project differently when discussing it with the client. It is very important that each quote provides a detailed overview of the project scope, the areas to be worked on, the prep work planned, the products and finishings to be used, and all other project elements. The more detail the better in a proposal.

It is also important to understand if the contractor is licensed, has a prepaid contractor’s license, has business liability insurance and is bonded. Worker's Compensation Bureau (WCB) Insurance is also important. Most of the lower-priced contractors do not provide an adequate level of protection for the client. That means if a contractor breaks a window with his ladder your home insurance will have to cover it. Or if he falls off his ladder in your home then your home insurance may need to cover his medical expenses. Good contractors protect you from all the risks.

Beware of "lowball" proposals. Many of those contractors will go in low and try to collect more throughout the project. Like us, a good contractor will give you an all-in, lump-sum price that is guaranteed not to change unless the scope changes.

Our price will provide quality products, name brand fixtures, an experienced team, and a detailed refinishing/renovation process that will provide the beautiful finish that you deserve. If you receive a price lower than ours it is probably because one or more of those elements are negatively affected. Rest assured though that we have all the licenses, insurance, bonding, labor, equipment, and capability to achieve your vision.

There are many companies that claim to work with cabinets but not all are created equal. You will be blown away by the transformation once we are complete. We have a cabinet refinishing shop with a custom enclosed spray booth. We use our state-of-the-art facility to support the work on and off-site so we get the best results. You will truly be happy during your experience with us at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary.

Our detailed process includes premium quality products and materials, a top-notch team, and an extensive process that will provide awesome results. We have all the equipment and experience to complete the project and exceed your expectations in the end.

In addition, you can feel protected knowing that we are licensed in Calgary and though the Alberta Government plus carry $5 million in liability insurance. We are also bonded and carry WCB insurance.

Finally, as our name states, we really DO more! We can also provide other finishing services, such as installing new countertops, a backsplash, or updating the kitchen island in addition to updating your cabinets. Our project managers and designer can show you exactly what you can expect from your upgrades, and you can pick how much customization you desire, to meet your needs and budget.

The most popular kitchen renovation project for a homeowner to tackle is their cabinets.

Whether your cabinets are broken, dated, chipping, just not working for the current style of your home, we have many solutions that make your kitchen amazing.

The second most popular update is new countertops and a new backsplash. A new sink and faucet often get updated when the countertops are replaced.

Complete cabinet replacement would be the only option for those who are looking to completely rework their home or office. Cabinet replacement is also the best option for those who currently have low-end cabinet boxes they want to upgrade or those with extensive damage to existing cabinets.

However, if you are happy with the overall layout of the space and the cabinets are in decent condition, we can add additional elements to further improve the look and functionality of the space. This can be achieved by repainting, refacing, re-dooring, or a minor structural change during a cabinet renovation.

Our most popular and most affordable choice for qualified cabinetry refinishing is cabinet painting.

With new innovations in paint materials, we can apply a new finish to your doors that will completely transform the look of the cabinets while adding a protective coating. Often the finish looks like new kitchen cabinets were installed.

A lacquer finish is similar in appearance to a spray-applied painted finish but varies in the durability, sheen longevity, and ability to clean. If a customer is wanting their cabinets refinished with a paint appearance, we sometimes recommend a new lacquer finish.

Lacquer dries very hard and porous-free thus allowing it to hold up to grease, stains, and other naturally occurring markings. Lacquer is a reliable product to use on your cabinets because it will help to protect them from heat, wear and tear, and water. Lacquer can be tinted to any color and comes in either a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss sheen. The lacquer we use is certified by the kitchen cabinet association. Because lacquer is composed of a quick-dry formula it is best applied with spray equipment for a better-refinished result.

Lacquer can be used on any hard surface, such as cabinets, shelving, doors, railings, etc. it is important to know that lacquer does not flex the same as paint so cracking is a potential issue with lacquer. Since lacquer is a harder finish than paint, it needs to be applied to surfaces that do not shift (such as MDF or walnut). Paint is also easier to touch up than lacquer. It is important to go over all the pros and cons with lacquer; our consultants will help you determine if lacquer is right for you.

The benefits of our cabinet lacquer refinishing services include:

  • Approximately 75% less than the cost of replacement;
  • Lacquer dries very hard and porous-free thus allowing it to hold up to grease, stains, and other naturally occurring markings;
  • Lacquer is a reliable product to use on your cabinets, it will help to protect them from heat, wear and tear, and water;
  • Lacquer can be tinted to any color and comes in a variety of sheens;
  • The lacquer we use is certified by the kitchen cabinet association;
  • Fresh new look in 3 to 5 days instead of 3 to 5 weeks;
  • You can change the hardware at the same time and really update the look without extending the timeline of the project

Why paint your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, stairwell railing, or other cabinetry and built-ins in your home instead of replacing it? Here are a few benefits of painting:

  • Fresh new look with unlimited color and many sheen choices.
  • Approximately 75% less than the cost of replacement.
  • Painting and Refinishing is a fraction of the cost of remodeling.
  • Updating the look of your kitchen, bathroom, railings, or any other important room can help modernize and boost the value of your property.
  • Many clients choose to repaint woodwork simply because they want to enjoy the way their home looks! It feels great to live in a home you love!
  • Kitchen cabinets from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s may look dated but are usually well-made with all-wood frames and doors. Unlike furniture, cabinets never move and are probably as strong as the day they were installed. Refinishing is often all you need to do.
  • Touch-ups are much easier applied when paint is used compared to lacquer. This is great for project owners years after the project is finished.
  • An added benefit of painting your cabinets is that you can also update the functionality at the same time with cabinet organizers and accessories.

Cabinet re-dooring is a popular cost-saving approach used by homeowners who like the layout of their kitchen but don’t like the look of doors. We keep the layout and utilize the bones of the cabinetry. The drawer faces and doors are replaced and everything else remains. Then the cabinet bones along with the new doors are all refinished.

Kitchen and bath renovations are the most popular home improvement projects. It makes sense because they make the biggest impact on the home and can significantly increase the value of the home. However, so many homeowners shell out big bucks to get the kitchen of their dreams when they don’t have to… there are several alternatives available that can significantly reduce the cost of a kitchen renovation. Cabinet re-dooring is one of them. Check out our section on re-dooring for more detailed info.

Re-dooring your cabinets is a great way to update your space without the disruption and expense of tearing it all out. Some clients are happy with the structure of the cabinets but don’t like the style of the doors, so they choose to have the doors and drawer faces replaced to provide a new updated style. If the structure of the cabinetry is solid and you like the overall layout of the cabinetry then cabinet re-dooring might be the best solution.

There are many different styles, finishes, and materials available for your new cabinet doors. We will help you choose the right cabinet doors to suit your vision and budget.

Cabinet refacing can carry different meanings in the cabinet industry. At Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we consider cabinet refacing and cabinet re-dooring to be the same process.

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your existing cabinetry boxes and layout, but replace the doors and hardware, and update the functionality of your cabinets.

If you are happy overall with your current layout, and the interior cabinet boxes are in good shape, then refacing can save you thousands over full cabinet replacement.

With some companies, cabinet refacing is described as adding a thin layer of laminate to the existing face of the cabinet door. We consider that to be cabinet resurfacing.

Cabinet resurfacing means adding a thin layer of laminate to the existing face of the cabinet door – thus the named cabinet resurfacing. The term cabinet resurfacing can also be substituted for the term cabinet refacing when referring to laminating cabinet doors. Some companies consider this process to be called refacing, but we refer to it as resurfacing. The process of adding a laminate film over the existing doors (resurfacing) is not as popular in cabinet renovations and is usually only seen on rare specialty applications of new cabinetry. 

Color is all around us and we enjoy it! It affects our moods… it lifts our spirits… it conveys our personalities. Most people are drawn to certain colors. That is until the time comes to choosing interior paint and finishing colors for ourselves. You see pictures in magazines and love the color combinations the designers use. But when it comes time to decide about the colour for yourself, apprehension and fear sets in. "What if I choose the wrong color?" “This is such a big decision!”

Interior paint colors, furniture, window coverings, countertops, tile, and everything in between… This all needs to tie in together. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary, we can help you make the best color choices for your personal style. You'll receive professional guidance provided by our in-house experienced Color Design Consultant. This will give you the confidence you need to make color choices with amazing results.

Cabinets get a lot of wear and tear and that means cabinet repairs may be needed from time to time.

We are here for all your cabinet repair needs. Examples include loose doors, broken hardware, hardware replacement, chipped corners, cracked door, delamination, door closures, drawer tracks sticking, broken drawer tracks, doors not aligned, and all your other cabinet repair needs.

We have skilled technicians on our team that have ample experience in cabinet repairs so we know you will be happy with our work.

We can refinish your railings and banisters can dramatically improve the look of the space. This could be the solution if your stair railings and banisters looking old and worn out.

Many homeowners put off a new look in their stairwell because of the high cost associated with new railings… many believe that replacement is the only option to modernize.

Our process can save you thousands compared to the cost of a new railing or banister and still achieve the new look you desire.

As the clear coat on the railing ages - wear spots, discoloration and chips occur in the surface. With stain, you can refresh the original color or change the color with the removal and application of a new stain and finish. In some cases, the old stain does not even have to be removed.

A stained wood finish is a classic look for banisters, but there are plenty of reasons why you might want to paint one instead. Sometimes it's already painted and stripping it will be too much work. Sometimes it's made of an inferior wood that doesn't look good bare. Or sometimes you want that modern look of white to brighten up the space. Whatever the reason, we can walk through the pros and cons of restaining to help you get the result you are looking for. We can do railing repairs as well if required!

There are so many materials to choose from when building a railing: Wood, iron, glass, even cable railing. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary can do it all.  Whether you are refinishing or renovating, we can refinish the wood that is incorporated in the railing. Usually, there is still a wood element when incorporating iron, glass, and cable railing. Can Do More Painting & Refinishing can take care of all the wood refinishing for your railing and stairwell.

If you are looking to reconfigure the railing, our team can handle that too!

Yes we do! There are so many questions when it comes to stain applications: What type of stain was used initially? Was the clear coat water-based or solvent-based? Is wood conditioner or a base coating required before stain application? Are we using gel stains or wiping stains? What type of clear coat or varnish is used over top? Is lacquer required? What about a shader? Our stain matching experts can answer all the important questions. You are in good hands with all your staining needs.

Yes, we are comfortable with a variety of faux finishes. Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary has been staining cabinets, painting cabinets, and glazing cabinets in Calgary and areas for many years using various colors, textures, and finishes. Distressing and antiquing are some of the most common faux finishes requested. Our experts can apply all types of finishes to your cabinetry and furnishings and make your vision come to life.

One of the most expensive elements of a bath or kitchen renovation is the cost of replacement cabinets. New cabinets are a fresh and appealing addition to any home, but complete cabinet replacement is an expense that can be reduced significantly.

If you are happy overall with your current layout, and the interior cabinet boxes are in good shape, then re-dooring can save you thousands over full cabinet replacement. With cabinet re-dooring, your original cabinet boxes/frames are used, and new doors are put on instead of the existing doors.

The new doors and cabinet boxes are all refinished with the same topcoats leaving the same look and feel of a full cabinet replacement at a fraction of the cost.

For most solid color jobs such as white or off-white finishes, paint grade Maple or MDF is the most common. Each material has its pros and cons so our consultants will work with you to decide what is best for your situation.

For stained finishes, the most popular wood is Maple, but we can work with all hardwood species that are commercially available in the furniture industry. Many of our projects are done in Maple because it is gorgeous, resilient, and can be stained to match most finishes. Walnut is a favorite for finishers to work with because of its long-term durability and its resistance to expansion and contraction. Because of its high cost, walnut is not used in many homes.

When Maple is not selected as the substrate, Cherry is also trendy. Cherry takes stain well and has an attractive grain that will provide gorgeous looking cabinets.

Cabinet refacing has many benefits. Here are the benefits of refacing your cabinets with Can Do More Painting & Cabinet Refinishing:

  • There are so many colors and styles to choose from. Stock styles or custom created.
  • You have a large choice of material: You have a choice of material to be used, Maple, MDF, etc.
  • Refacing and re-dooring is much less than the cost of new cabinets.
  • Cabinet refacing can be completed in about 3 to 5 days instead of the 3 to 5 weeks of a renovation. The on-site process of re-dooring does not take any longer than cabinet painting
  • Refacing does not require subcontractors. No electrician, tiler, plumber, or countertop trades to worry about
  • Redooring is an Eco-friendlier option than replacement. Instead of adding old cabinets to a landfill, we can restore your existing ones.
  • Cabinet refacing doesn’t require any demolition or renovation, so there’s no construction mess to worry about. This makes it a more stress-free option.

There’s not much you can do about the labor costs in your area, but there are ways to reduce your overall tile costs:

  • Choose a less-expensive tile, it will lower your product cost and potentially even the costs of installation.
  • Reduce tile coverage to fewer rooms or smaller areas and the overall price will come down.
  • Trim other project costs, such as not replacing a tub or vanity so that the tile work will fit into the budget.

There is a huge difference between inexpensive paint and quality paint. As with any product, you get what you pay for. High-quality paints have more key ingredients and those ingredients cost money. These key ingredients will help the paint last longer, provide better durability, provide a better finish, cover the old paint better, and provide a better painting experience. If you spend a little more then you will save a lot in the long run. Don't make the same mistake many people do – choose to work with quality paint! Take it from us, it costs us a bit more to do the project, but it pays off in the long run with client satisfaction.

You can but you need to properly prepare the surface first. The surface must be sanded to a dull finish first. Then a primer may need to be applied. This primer should be designed to cover an oil-based product and allow a latex product to adhere to it. We always use a bonding primer and sealer on all of our cabinet refinishing jobs where the cabinets will be painted or lacquered.

That depends on the project, but a quality product will do a good job in most circumstances. As technology has advanced, water-based acrylic paints have plenty of advantages including easier cleanup. High-quality latex paint also typically has better resistance to fading compared to oil-based paints. Latex paints have better adhesion on more substrates. However, there are certain circumstances wherein oil-based paint is a better choice. Oil-based paints typically take longer to dry which can be a benefit in some cases.

Here's a trick, take a cloth and dab it with nail polish remover. Take the dampened cloth and rub it on the surface. If the paint is easily removed it is typically a latex paint. If rubbing the painted area doesn't affect it then it is probably an oil-based paint. Make sure you test in an inconspicuous area.

Latex paint takes about 3-4 weeks to fully cure. During that time, you do not want any moisture to come in contact with the walls.  In bathrooms, keep showers short and always use the fan. Open doors as soon as possible to reduce humidity. Do not touch the walls if you can avoid it. If it is necessary to wipe a wall do it with a dry cloth only. After 30 days dirt and debris may be removed with a mild cleaner and water.

Latex paint is great because it dries fast and doesn't smell as strong as oil-based paint. However, they do take longer to cure. Curing occurs when all the moisture has evaporated from the paint leaving it hard and durable. Typically, the curing process is 3 to 4 weeks. Curing time depends mainly on temperature and humidity. Higher humidity extends curing time. Lower temperatures extend curing time. If you just painted the inside of your home use fans to increase air movement and lower humidity. Change humidity setting on your thermostat. If a longer cure time is not an option, then you may want to consider lacquer. Our kitchen-grade lacquer will come to a full cure in about 24 hours.

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