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Cabinet Re-dooring vs. Cabinet Replacement

One of the most expensive elements of a bath or kitchen renovation is the cost of replacement cabinets. New cabinets are a fresh and appealing addition to any home, but complete cabinet replacement is an expense that can be reduced up to 75%!

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary provides clever bathroom and kitchen refinishing options, designed to give the look and feel of a full renovation at a fraction of the cost. Instead of installing new cabinetry in your home, a lower-cost, higher-impact alternative is cabinet re-dooring. With cabinet re-dooring, your original cabinet boxes/frames are used and new doors are put on instead of the existing doors. The new doors and cabinet boxes are all refinished with

The Benefits of Cabinet Refacing and Re-dooring

Here are the benefits of refacing your cabinets with Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary

  • So many colors and styles: You have a variety of options when choosing what style of doors and drawers. You can easily take a dated kitchen and modernize it with refacing/re-dooring.
  • Choice of Material: You have a choice of material to be used, Maple, MDF, etc.
  • Less Expensive: Refinishing is a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.
  • Faster: Cabinet refacing can still be completed in about 3 to 5 days instead of the 3 to 5 weeks of a renovation. The on-site process of re-dooring does not take any longer than refinishing
  • Minimal Trades: No electrician, tiler, plumber, or countertop trades to worry about
  • Eco-Friendly: Instead of adding old cabinets to a landfill, we can restore your existing ones – no waste, no trash!
  • No Stress: Cabinet refacing doesn’t require any demolition or renovation, so there’s no construction mess to worry about. This is a hassle-free process!

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Cabinet resurfacing We have unlimited options!


Cabinet Resurfacing Calgary

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to deciding what to do with your cabinet doors. Resurfacing cabinet doors is the least common option but still provides an opportunity to save the cost of complete replacement. With resurfacing, the structure of your cabinets remains undisturbed and are covered with high-quality wood veneer or laminate to provide the style you desire. Your new doors and drawer fronts will match the resurfaced frames and give your kitchen a completely new look. 

In addition to adding veneer or laminate over your existing cabinets, we can update your existing faces by adding molding or new profile elements to alter the appearance of your doors prior to refinishing. We also update your hardware for a smooth polished finish. The possibilities are endless!  

We know that selecting the right option for your cabinetry can be overwhelming. Our on-site cabinet refinishing specialists will work with you to understand your personal vision. During a FREE consultation, we will present you with alternatives that work best for your needs.

Calgary Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is another way to say re-dooring so the term re-dooring means the same thing as refacing.

Is cabinet refacing right for me?

Unless you have purchased a custom home, chances are you are living in a home that someone else designed for their needs and style. It’s time to make your space your own! You can update your kitchen without the lengthy disruption and cost of tearing it all out. Bring a new style into your kitchens and bathrooms with attractive, affordable cabinet refacing.

Since cabinet refacing allows you to replace your cabinet doors and keep the boxes you want to make sure the boxes are in good shape. If the cabinets are structurally sound overall but just have a few minor issues we can provide some cabinet repair prior to refacing. 

Give your kitchen cabinets the total makeover they crave by having the experts at Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary work their magic.

We have incredible color options available for every budget!


Cabinet Repairs Before Refacing

Chipped corner? Broken frame? Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary specialize in cabinetry and woodworking so we can provide the repair and restoration work required on your cabinets before refinishing.

Broken Cabinet door? Cabinet refacing replaces all the doors, so you don’t have to worry about fixing it.

Broken Hardware? Not to worry, refacing your cabinet doors is a great time to swap out the hardware. Have you thought about soft close? Now is a great time to upgrade.

Custom Cabinets Calgary

Not sure if cabinet refacing is the right option? Perhaps you need more than just new doors… we have an experienced team for you to work with if you are unsure of what to do. We can take on projects from simply refacing exactly what you have to make subtle or substantial changes with new custom-built cabinets and add ons.

If you need other components, such as new pot lights, countertops, or backsplashes to compliment and complete your new design, we provide all the elements you want to create the dream space you always wanted.

Cabinet Refacing Options

There are many options you can choose from when selecting replacement cabinet doors. They range from solid wood cabinet doors or MDF doors to frame only doors or glass doors. New cabinet faces are available in both natural wood and painted finishes.

Our expert kitchen design consultants help you select the perfect colors and styles that complement your home. Choose from a huge selection of stylish cabinet remodeling combinations.

What is the material of the door for refacing cabinets?

For solid color jobs such as white or off white finishes, we use paint grade Maple or MDF. Both materials have their benefits and our consultants will work with you to explain everything and help you make a decision.

For stained finishes, the most popular wood is Maple, but we can work in any hardwood species that are commercially available in the furniture industry. A majority of our projects are done in Maple because it is beautiful, durable, and can be stained to match any desired look. Walnut is a hardwood and does not expand and contract as much so it is a favorite with refinishers; however, it’s high cost prevents it from being used in most homes.

When Maple is not chosen, Cherry is the next most popular wood species. Cherry takes stain evenly and has a unique beautiful grain that provides gorgeous looking one of a kind cabinets.

We have a talented team for you to work with if you are unsure of your materials, colors, and choices of design details.

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Cabinet Accessories & Organization

Your cabinet doors and the overall appearance of your cabinets are what guests see when they enter your kitchen and living space.

While it is important that you have visibly appealing cabinets, it is just as important that your kitchen cabinets be functional and well-organized. We provide kitchen cabinet built-in organizational accessories for increased functionality.

We also provide drawer and cabinet organization components for your bathroom cabinets.

Re-Dooring Or Refacing Your Cabinets

If you haven’t purchased a custom home, you are most likely living in a home that someone else designed for their style. It’s time for you to finally make your space your own with custom finishes that suit your taste and lifestyle. Like the layout of the kitchen but don’t like the look?

Save thousands on your home renovation project by keeping your cabinet boxes and replace only the doors and drawers. Providing an updated, attractive style and clean finishes, new cabinet doors may just be the facelift your kitchen or bath needs. Contact our cabinet specialists today to schedule your FREE consultation and find out if cabinet refacing or re-dooring is right for you.

Calgary Cabinet Renovation

Does your kitchen need more than refinishing? Would you like to renovate? We can work with you to renovate and refinish and create a lacquered kitchen of your redreams. If you have an idea, we will build it.  We have professional craftsmen on the team who will build a beautiful masterpiece inside your home. You can get that magazine-worthy kitchen or bath that you've always wanted. Check out our cabinet renovation page for more details.

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