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Railing Refinishing and Banister Refinishing

Is your stairwell railing or banisters in bad shape?  Refinishing your railings and banisters can dramatically improve the look of your home or office.

Many homeowners put off updating the look of their stairwell because of the high cost associated with modern railings… many believe that replacement is the only option to modernize

Our process can save you thousands compared to the cost of a new railing or banister and still achieve the new look you desire. Refinishing is a cost-effective option, but it is also a great opportunity for customizable options to totally transform the look and feel of your home or office.

Our method can help with resale and provide a higher return on your home investment. The team at Can Do More Painting would be pleased to discuss your ideas and preferences then make suggestions to help you get the right look for your space.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary have been refinishing railings for many years. We continue to grow in the Calgary area with new innovative refinishing techniques. We will always do their best to deliver the greatest customer experience available. This includes FREE consultations for everyone. From demolition and repairs to refinishing to clean up. No need to find three companies to do what we can do in one phone call!

Railing Painting in Calgary

Stair railings and banisters get beat up and end up looking outdated and worn out. A stained wood finish is a classic look for banisters and railing, but there are plenty of reasons why you might want to paint it instead. Painting may be the most cost-effective option. Sometimes it's already painted so stripping it will be too much work. Sometimes the railing is made of an inferior wood that doesn't look good bare. Or sometimes you want that modern look of a white railing to brighten up the space. Whatever the reason, Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary is the professional contractor of choice to transform your railing. The best part about painting your railing is that they can make a painted railing look like a factory finish! We also do repairs on the railing before painting if needed!

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Our Comprehensive Railing preperation Process

Unlike Any Other!

Our railing refinishing process is very comprehensive.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary will start by protecting the surrounding area. We use a combination of adhesive carpet film, floor paper, masking paper, and protective poly and plastic.  Typically, a sealed spray booth is created around the railing. All exposed areas will be completely protected from Overspray. We utilize specialty three-stage air scrubbers. The 1st stage filtration eliminates 99.7% of the overspray. The 2nd stage is a fine particulate filter and the 3rd stage is a large HEPA filter that captures the finest particles and helps to clean the air from any odors. These filtration systems are very expensive but definitely worth it! We own a fleet of them so there is enough to go around, even on large projects. We consider the fleet of air scrubbers to be a major advantage to our valued clients.

Once the area is protected, we wash the surfaces with a chemical to degrease and remove other surface contaminants. Next is a thorough sanding process to ensure the railing is smooth or uniform in texture. Major blemishes are rectified as discussed using fillers. The area is then vacuumed to capture as much dust and debris from the area as possible. A final wipe down with a lint-free cloth is done before any spraying occurs.

For solid color finishes, the first spray coats are a priming agent and sealer. This is applied 2-3 times. After primer, the railing is inspected for more blemishes and rectified as discussed. The railing will be sanded again using fine finish sandpaper to remove any debris or raised grain caused by the primer. Of course, the area is vacuumed and wiped again prior to any topcoats. Topcoats are then applied – either paint or lacquer depending on the substrate and desired finish discussed. Both lacquer and paint have different pros and cons so as railing specialists we will help you decide what is the best choice for you during a FREE consultation.

For stain finishes, the stain is applied section by section after the surface is thoroughly prepped. The clear coat is applied 2-3 coats depending on the project requirements.

After all the spraying is completed, any hardware that was removed from the railing will be reinstalled.  Finally, all prep materials and project garbage will be disposed of and removed from the project site. You can expect a clean area when the project is finished.

The process itself is time-consuming but well worth the effort when the project is complete. Typically, you would need to allow 2-6 days for a railing project or 3-7 days to remove the old finish and replace it with new.

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Custom Railings and Custom Stairwells

Wood, iron, glass, and cable railing, doesn't matter what style you like, we do it all.  Whether you are refinishing or renovating, we can refinish the wood that is incorporated in the railing. Usually there is still a wood element when incorporating iron, glass, and cable railing. We can take care of all the wood refinishing for your railing and stairwell. If you are looking to reconfigure the railing, then our team can handle that too. Read more about railing renovation below.

Railing Lacquer Specialists in Calgary

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Calgary continue to be a leading contractor in stairwell railing refinishing and lacquering.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best finishes available. Lacquer comes in oil-based/solvent-based and water-based, as well as clear or solid color. Lacquer is great if you want that new-home look. Each type of lacquer has unique characteristics so our lacquer specialists will help you pick the best option during a FREE consultation.

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Railing and Stairwell Renovations Calgary

Whether it is a remodel, new construction, custom stairwell, or finish carpentry project, we can help you with your next project big or small and deliver the vision that you're looking for!

We have been providing builders and homeowners with stairwell refinishing and renovation support for many years.  Providing end-to-end project support that includes design, management, installation, refinishing, customer service, and quality control. Over the years, we have earned the trust, respect, and business of thousands of builders and homeowners throughout Calgary and Bow Valley area.

Railing Stain and Railing Clear Coating Calgary

Do you have a brand-new raw wood railing? Or is your railing showing dull spots wearing unevenly? As the stain and clearcoat age - wear down spots appear, discoloration and chips occur in the surface. With stain, you can refresh the original color or change the color with the removal and application of a new stain and finish. In some cases, the old stain does not even have to be removed. The sky is the limit with stain choices. Call us today to find the right stain solution for your railing or banister.

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We fix railings and banisters we'll make your railings look new again


Calgary Railing and Banister Repairs

Chipped Railing? Cracked banister? Broken picket? We will work with you to take care of any repairs that you may have prior to the refinishing process.

We will come to you for a FREE consultation. This allows us to introduce ourselves and gain a better understanding of what will be required to complete the job.

Newly Installed Railing Staining in Calgary

Do you have a newly installed raw wood railing?

Stained railings are a great choice because of the warmth that it creates in homes. Newly installed wood railing allows you to choose any finish. The look of a stain might be the right answer. The sky is the limit with stain choices. Since stain varies significantly depending on what substrate it is applied to so contact us and we will find the right stain solution for your railing or banister during a FREE consultation.

Calgary Railing Restaining and Refinishing

Railings can be a centerpiece in the home which means they can be a masterpiece or a sight for sore eyes! What do people think when they see your railing? Stained finishes on railings can be timeless or dramatic. Either way, they offer a durable finish that can look amazing. 

Is your railing outdated or showing signs of wear? As the stain ages, discoloration and chips occur in the surface. With stain, we can refresh the current look of the railing or change the style with the removal and application of a new stain and transform the look. In some cases, the old stain does not even have to be removed.

We are your Calgary restaining experts. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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